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Cliodhna the Banshee Queen is coming to Smite

Celtic ghostly assassin Cliodhna joins Hi-Rez’s god-inspired MOBA Smite.

Cliodhna the Banshee Queen, the latest character for Hi-Rez’s MOBA, Smite, was introduced yesterday. Despite being more than seven years old since its release, Smite continues to make its mark in the gaming industry with new events, battle passes, and champions (or, in this instance, gods) being released on a regular basis.

Cliodhna, the ghostly assassin

This MOBA – once considered to be unpopular due to its third-person camera, which distinguished it from League of Legends and DOTA – has continued to expand. Cliodhna, like Charybdis and Gilgamesh, returns to revolutionize the way Smite is played. The developer unveiled this new goddess, who will have ghostly abilities that would allow her to pass through and move through barriers.

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She will also employ her Banshee skills, emphasizing her eerie wail, which is capable of silencing her victim and restricting their eyesight. Cliodhna will bring a lot of dynamic to the existing Smite gameplay with her power to summon a fearsome army that will allow you to overrun your opponents in every game while employing ghostly skills.

Despite the fact that it was presented yesterday, Hi-Rez limited the information given about Cliodhna. They’ll provide more information in the upcoming Update Show, which will be conducted on the official Smite channel on Twitch on October 1, 2021.

Watch the reveal trailer of Cliodhna here on Game Freaks 365!