Crimson Spires is getting a physical release on PS5

Crimson Spires

After two years, Crimson Spires will make its return on the next-gen PlayStation 5 console.

VGNYsoft has teamed up with Eastasiasoft once again, this time to introduce a physical edition of their game Crimson Spires. This graphic novel in the Ottoman style, which was launched previously on consoles and PC, combines creepiness and romance in a gripping story.

In Crimson Spires, players assume the character of Sheriff Erika Wright, who is assigned to a case that brings her to the little mining town of Bataille, where she is trapped by a ring of lethal, luminous towers. She encounters a surprising range of people here, from conspiracy theorists to wealthy vampires and a serial killer.

As Erika establishes uneasy relationships and finds love through partnership, guide her options. In the middle of Bataille’s atrocities, Erika can find love with the few individuals she can trust.

The return of Crimson Spires

Crimson Spires will have players experience transitions between rich 2D character art and 3D exploration across its many plot pathways enjoying the performance offered by the PlayStation 5. This will allow players to study building interiors and immerse themselves in the village of Bataille. Every possible connection exposes crucial information about the towers and the mystery surrounding them in this town.

Crimson Spires

In addition, New Game Plus content will be included in this new version. After the story is completed, all players can unlock this content, which interweaves earlier narrative lines and brings Erika’s story to a climactic conclusion based on player decisions.

The physical edition of Crimson Spires may be pre-ordered for $29.99 via VGNY Soft’s online store. Although the developers are aiming for Q3 2022, the game is expected to launch in October, the same month as the previous game’s release two years earlier.

Watch the game trailer down below!

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