Dr. Mario World update adds amusement park world, baby doctors, new assistants

Nintendo has released another new update for their mobile-only puzzle game Dr. Mario World, adding a new world, new doctors, and new assistants.

The new world, World 7, is an amusement park theme “littered with meddlesome viruses and tricky stages.” So far, only stages 241 to 260 have been unlocked.

The new doctors include a baby variation of four different characters. They include Dr. Baby Mario, Dr. Baby Luigi, Dr. Baby Peach, and Dr. Baby Daisy.

Each of the new doctors comes with their own special ability. Dr. Baby Mario can change objects into exploders. Dr. Baby Luigi changes an object into a shell. Dr. Baby Peach changes the next capsule into a rainbow capsule.

Finally, there’s Dr. Baby Daisy, who has perhaps the best ability. She can change the next four capsules into matching capsules in single-player. For multiplayer, it’s the next two capsules.

As for the new assistants, you can now unlock Boomerang Bro, Chain Chomp, Fly Guy, and Dolphin. Each of the assistants has a unique skill.

This is the latest free update to add a new world, stages, doctors, and assistants. The game was released back in July on Android and iOS devices.

Be sure to check out our Dr. Mario World review for impressions and details on how the game works. Also, be sure to check out the trailer for the new update below!

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