Escape from Galaxen free alpha brings ’80s vibes to VR via SideQuest

Escape From Galaxen

Escape from Galaxen is the debut title of Ramen Profitable Games. The VR game will transport you to the arcades of the 1980s.

Ramen Profitable Games, a Spanish indie developer, announced today that a free alpha version of their VR game, Escape From Galaxen, is out now. It is accessible on the SideQuest platform.

Space Invaders for virtual reality

Put yourself in the shoes of a nine-year-old in 1985. You go to the arcade with your pals, delighted to play video games, but as you start playing your favorite game, Space Invaders, Martians capture you inside the arcade, so you must battle them with the toys in your bag, exit the game, and return home before mom finds out and punishes you. This is the reward offered by Ramen Profitable Games in Escape From Galaxen.

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The game will put us in several scenarios in which we must destroy all of the alien invaders who have taken over space. Weapons such as the mythical NES gun (which will have a different name owing to copyright difficulties), a slingshot, and a water gun, among others, will be accessible to us.

A glimpse of what we’ll see in the final version

You will play in the United States in this free alpha supplied by the Spanish studio. The United States is the first world/scenario of growing difficulty that you will encounter in the game’s final edition, and you will confront the standard end-of-stage boss that any decent arcade game simply must have.

With the evolution of VR glasses technology and the expanding global massification of this technology, VR game creators are going above and beyond what has previously been offered in the business with more “advanced” titles with richer plots and gameplay. As a result, it is critical for developers in these early phases of development to gather as much input as possible in order to produce an acceptable end product.

Escape From Galaxen‘s free beta is currently available on SideQuest. It is meant to be played with the Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2. It supports 90Hz with the Oculus Quest 2.

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