Fall Guys announcement Free for All
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Fall Guys is going free to play in June alongside new Xbox and Switch versions

Fall Guys announcement Free for All

The arrival of the game on all platforms, exclusive versions of next-gen consoles, cross-play, legacy pack, new skins, and a free for all model.

After Epic Games’ purchase of Mediatonic, the Epic team was already promising big changes in Fall Guys. After a couple of months, the big announcement about Fall Guys has arrived today. And to no one’s surprise, Epic Games has introduced things that no one imagined were coming to the game.

Starting June 21, Fall Guys will become free-to-play for all players. In addition, this incredible battle royale full of laughs will finally come to all consoles and the Epic Games Store. So if you were waiting patiently waiting for the Nintendo Switch and Xbox versions, the wait is almost over!

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But that’s not all that was announced today. The stream from the Fall Guys YouTube channel was full of new information and changes coming to the game. Below we bring you everything you need to know about this great announcement made today.

Season 1 arrives in June

Something that was announced today, and many players didn’t quite understand, was Season 1 of the game. This announcement is due to the fact that the game will no longer be paid and will take a free-to-play model. Being such an imposing change in the game, the Mediatonic team has decided to take it as a new beginning. Because of this, players who have already paid for the title – as well as new players – will enjoy this new beginning.

Fall Guys announcement Free for All

This new Season 1 of Fall Guys will adopt the battle pass model known in games like Fortnite. Players will have two battle pass modes available. There’s the classic free progression path already available in-game and a season pass that is paid. In the Season Pass, players can receive new costumes and other unlockables that non-paying players will not receive.

In addition, players who have already paid for the paid version of the game will receive a free month of the Season Pass on June 21.

The new versions of Fall Guys

After years of promises and delays, Fall Guys is finally coming to other consoles. PlayStation and Steam players have enjoyed Fall Guys for a long time. But, starting June 21, players on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and the Epic Games Store will join the party. In addition, players will be able to enjoy cross-play and cross-progression.

This means you can play with your friends no matter what platform they play on. It also means that you can play on one platform, and by simply logging in on another, you can continue seamlessly.

But the icing on the cake of today’s announcement was the new PlayStation 5 and Xbox X Series versions. Gamers who own a next-generation console will enjoy a unique version. This version will take advantage of the performance of these consoles, allowing 4K 60FPS gameplay.

Legacy Pack

There is a good chance that if you are reading this, you have already purchased Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout. Something that has arisen after the rumors of today’s announcement is to know what will happen to those who have already paid for the game. Mediatonic has not forgotten about you and has brought the Legacy Pack. All players who have already paid for the game will receive the Legacy Pack.

Fall Guys announcement Free for All

This pack will contain, according to the Fall Guys website: a nickname, nameplate, the Regal costume, the Veggie Dog costume, the Feisty Dwarf costume – and, the aforementioned, Season Pass for Season 1. But how can you get this Legacy Pack? Don’t worry, it’s very easy to get it.

If you already own the game, you have until June 20 to launch the game. Simply, by doing this step, on June 21 you will get all the benefits of the Legacy Pack. As simple as pie, right?

Pre-register and enjoy exclusive rewards

For all those players who plan to play Fall Guys, you can’t miss pre-registering. But why is that? Pre-registration is not mandatory for players who plan to play the title. However, pre-registration will simply allow players to receive exclusive rewards, such as a new nameplate, bonus kudos, the burger pattern, the muscleman emote, and the Melonhead costume.

You can pre-register here until 11:59 PM UTC on June 27th, 2022. Rewards are distributed depending on the milestones reached. So, gather your friends, get them to pre-register, and you can receive all the rewards that the Mediatonic team wants to give you.

Watch the announcement stream down below!