Farm Manager 2022
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Farm Manager 2022 is out now on Xbox consoles

Farm Manager 2022

Experience city building and farm management in one place.

Farm Manager 2022, a new game from Polish indie firms Ultimate Games and Cleversan Games, is now available on Xbox platforms. In this farm management game, you are in charge of everything to make your farm the best of them all.

Take on the logistical challenge of running a productive farm

Farm Manager 2022 is a farm management simulation game in which you take on the role of a farm manager. On the farm, you must maintain the proper level of harvest, personnel happiness, animal health, equipment efficiency, and crop processing. There will be additional plant species to grow in Farm Manager 2022. Celery, carrots, gooseberries, onions, and other vegetables can be grown.

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Farm Manager 2022

Keep an eye on the plants as they grow with the new mechanics that allow for automatic field management using the available staff and machines. That’s correct! Players will have access to a wide range of machines to use while working in the field. Set up fish, ostrich, boar, and quail farms, and buy and sell them on the stock market.

Farm Manager 2022 is available on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S starting today. Gamers can take advantage of a 20% launch discount, where you can get the game for just $12.39.

Watch the game trailer down below!