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Fling to the Finish Bomb Run Update out now

Fling to the Finish Bomb Run Update

The Bomb Run update is the first major one for Fling to the Finish since the game was released on Steam Early Access. It brings a super fun new game mode.

Remember the co-op game we talked about two months ago that was supposed to be launched in Early Access and could either enhance or damage connections amongst friends? It has bequeathed its largest update since its release on Steam Early Access. The Bomb Run Update for Daedelic and SplitSide Games’ Early Access title, Fling to the Finish, was released today.

In Fling to the Finish, charming, bouncy creatures are linked together by an elastic rope and sprint through colorful stages with deadly traps and tough courses, where you must work together to be the first to cross the finish line.

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New Bomb Run mode

In the new Bomb Run mode, you must test your abilities by navigating the course while wearing a bomb that weighs you down. The entire course must be completed before time runs out and you finish up soaring into the air in bits.

The new Bomb Run mode may be unlocked in the campaign mode by completing earlier challenges such as Duck Hunt or UFO Race for those players who are engaged in the game or new players who are drawn to the intriguing gameplay experience that Fling to the Finish has to offer.

The Bomb Run Update is now available in Fling to the Finish for PC via Steam Early Access. If you’re interested in the game, you may give it a go with a free Steam demo.

Watch the trailer of Fling to the Finish down below!