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Fling to the Finish is coming to Steam Early Access this month

Fling to the Finish

Fling to the Finish is a must-play game this summer if you want to spend quality time with friends (or possibly ruin your friendship).

Daedalic Entertainment has been quite active recently, publishing interesting games for many types of players. Titles like Glitchpunk, Hidden Deep, and Lords of the Rings: Gollum that are available in Early Access, as well as games like Anna’s Quest that we have previously discussed on Game Freaks 365, have put this publisher in the spotlight.

Daedalic, in collaboration with developer SplitSide Games, has announced the Early Access release date of Fling to the Finish, a fast-paced and entertaining racing game in which you may join or break up with your friends.

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A cooperative experience

Teams of two race across bright, colorful, and chaotic obstacle courses while connected by a stretched elastic rope in Fling to the Finish. Depending on your communication skills, this rope, like the buddy you’re connected to, might be your greatest advantage or your deadliest enemy. Fling to the Finish is a really cooperative experience since you’re actually linked to your companion.

In SplitSide Games’ latest title it is all about teamwork. That’s why you can even play the game by sharing a controller with your buddy. Competitive gamers may test their abilities in online or local races against a slew of other players. A number of game modes provide both tough solo play and party-focused fun.

Colorful style

Every course in Fling to the Finish, like the characters, has a distinct theme and flair. To reach the finish line, players will race across floating parks, massive casinos, and even worm-infested asteroid fields.

All barriers were created to push you to utilize the rope in various ways. So every second is full of fresh surprises and unforgettable moments. The racecourse even changes as you play, making each race a nail-biter. You never know what strange hurdle you’ll come upon next.

Fling to the Finish will be available via Steam Early Access on August 23. It launches with 12 stages, 4 game modes, 12 playable characters, and over 20 wacky character skins for gamers to enjoy.

Watch the Fling to the Finish trailer below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SnEKyR_Yq8I&w=1280&h=721]