Gloomhaven launches today


After two years in Steam Early Access, mercenaries may finally experience the complete board game campaign with Gloomhaven‘s version 1.0.

We covered Gloomhaven before. Asmodee Digital and Flaming Fowl Studios announced today that Gloomhaven has completed its two-year stay in Early Access and will be released with the game’s version 1.0.

A twist on the classic TRPG

Starting today, all players will be able to enjoy the complete board game campaign, including the original 95 scenarios and event missions packed with danger and excitement. Seasoned adventurers will be able to return to their favorite adventures in the digital-exclusive Guildmaster campaign, where over 160 tasks await in the harsh regions of Gloomhaven.

After receiving a large amount of content for free over its two years in Steam Early Access, players who log in for the first time today will be able to unlock 17 unique characters. Prepare your team synergy and play your deck wisely as you set out to explore the world’s edge in this sophisticated hex grid card-based TRPG.

There are also 1000s of skills to learn, as well as 100s of perks, upgrades, and gear to personalize your loadout. In Gloomhaven, players will confront armies of undead, terrifying monsters, and horrible demons from distant worlds where the adventure might result in money or death.

Gloomhaven is now available on PC via Steam and GOG for $34.99

Watch the cinematic launch trailer of the game down below!

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