Hard West 2
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Hard West 2 revealed for PC

Hard West 2

The supernatural sequel of the turn-based strategy game will become a reality five years after the release of the first game.

Good Shepherd Entertainment along with Ice Code Games have revealed Hard West 2, the sequel to their popular 2015 game set in the American Wild West. Hard West 2 ups the ante in every way with the new and unique Bravado state offering a more aggressive approach to combat.

Hard West 2 offers a classic Western world with a supernatural twist, where legends tell of an elusive ghost train with a bounty of gold for the taking. But when top-notch con man Gin Carter raids the transport, he must lead a party of strange outlaws and chase the Devil through a land touched by darkness, battling forces both living and undead.

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All the good things Hard West has to offer and then some

Featuring lead projectiles and sorcery, Hard West 2‘s turn-based combat plays out in dynamically changing environments, keeping your brain as busy as your trigger finger. Let your Western imagination run wild, from horseback chases to tense train assaults, as you hone your strategic skills.

Hard West 2

Plus, like it or not, the responsibility for your growing band of armed outlaws, teleporting witches and other mysterious beings rests at your feet. But be careful who you listen to and what you ask of them. The right decisions result in more loyalty points and new abilities for those closest to you, but choosing wrong will test their commitment to your cause.

Discover more about your platoon as you traverse the lands, from snow-covered vistas to frontier towns struggling to survive in a ruthless world. Make brutal decisions and learn to live with the horrific consequences.

Hard West 2 is expected to be released this year for PC. If you wish, you can save it to your Steam wishlist now.

Watch the game trailer down below!