Here’s how to turn off voices in New Pokémon Snap

Phil New Pokemon Snap

Tired of hearing from Phil in New Pokémon Snap? There’s an option for that!

Let’s face it. Phil can get annoying. So if you’d rather enjoy some peace and quiet, follow these steps (courtesy of Polygon):

To permanently mute Phil, Rita, Professor Mirror, and friends, go to Settings > Sound > Language for Character Voices > No voices.

If you’d also prefer to hear from Phil and the gang less frequently during your trips across the Lental Region, you can also adjust the number pop-up messages from folks back at camp. That means fewer comments from Phil about how he’s going to get a better shot of Pinsir next time and how you shouldn’t have gotten that shot of Scorbunny (but also no warnings from Prof. Mirror if you’re about to run out of memory). Go to Settings > Game > Nav-Com, where you can choose from Often (the normal rate of bothersome messages), Sometimes (an occasional nudge), and Rarely (sweet silence).

New Pokémon Snap launched on Nintendo Switch last week.

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