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Hexarchy is a new 4X strategy and deck-building game on Kickstarter


Imagine a Civilization game with Slay the Spire. That’s what Hexarchy has to offer.

Main Tank Software, an independent studio based in Atlanta, Georgia that consists of two developers with over 30 years of expertise, has announced the launch of their Kickstarter campaign for their new game, Hexarchy.

Hexarchy is a fast-paced deck-building strategy game that condenses the consequences of a multi-hour turn-based 4x strategy game into an action-packed hour-long game.

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The game is inspired by Sid Meier’s iconic video game series, Civilization, but it also tackles a genre that has been popular in recent years: deck building. As a result, Hexarchy offers us a gaming experience in which Hexarchy is a fast-paced strategy game that compresses the constant decisions of a multi-hour turn-based 4x game into a one-hour action-packed game.


Furthermore, Hexarchy offers a gaming experience with tiered mechanisms that provide true strategic complexity with challenging decisions for even the most experienced gamers. When combined with the online multiplayer option for up to ten players, this new game will offer you gameplay that boils down practically all of your choices to two actions: playing cards or ordering units.

Hexarchy‘s Kickstarter campaign has already earned over $5,700, which will assist Main Tank Software in covering the game’s development costs. The campaign has 23 days to go. Their goal is to raise $25,000.

If the game piques your interest, we welcome you to try the free Steam demo. If you enjoy what Hexarchy has to offer, consider supporting this indie developer’s Kickstarter campaign.

Watch the game trailer down below!