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Killing Floor 2: Day of the Zed Halloween update goes live

Killing Floor 2: Day of the Zed

A new map, weekly game modes, weapons, and more is available as part of Killing Floor 2‘s Day of the Zed event.

Tripwire Interactive, the developer and publisher, revealed today that Halloween has come in Killing Floor 2: Day of the Zed. The new Netherhold map, weekly game modes Wild West London and Abandon All Hope, weapons, cosmetics, and the return of Halloween-themed Zed variations are among the scary new stuff for players to dig their teeth into in today’s free update for the first-person shooter, co-op action video game.

Players in Killing Floor 2 descend into continental Europe, where the virus sparked by Horzine Biotech’s failed experiment has spread at an uncontrollable rate, destroying the European Union. Following the detection of specimen clone breakouts, gamers will descend into zed-infested hot zones and eliminate them.

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A new custom map

Netherhold, a dark and gloomy Killing Floor 2 custom map that exudes an ominous mood and aesthetic that’s appropriate for the scary season, is now available in the Day of the Zed Halloween update. It has various hidden regions and secret chambers. In addition, by achieving the five new Netherhold goals, players will be able to obtain a Unique Seasonal Reward. We will be able to play in three different modes: Survival, Weekly, and Endless.

New weekly game modes a new weapons

The Halloween update will include not just a new map, but also two new weekly game modes and four new weapons. The two game modes available in this new free update are Wild West London and Abandon All Hope. Wild West London is a game mode that only allows Gunslingers to wear cowboy hats. Weapons are confined to revolvers and lever actions, and everything looks authentically vintage thanks to an unique sepia filter created just for this new mode.

If that’s not enough, Abandon All Hope, the second weekly game mode available, is the ultimate Killing Floor 2 challenge with Maximum Difficulty Mode, which is even more severe than “Hell on Earth.” To spice things up, the Spawn Rate has been boosted to Max, Heavies’ Spawn Pools have been significantly increased, and enemy Health and Damage output has been enhanced beyond “Hell on Earth” levels. Players tough enough to complete Abandon All Hope will be rewarded with a special Kriss Elite Skin.

Furthermore, Tripwire Interactive has introduced four new weapons in this free update, which improves the gaming experience by adding more variety and entertainment to each of the many games.

The following new weapons are now available:

  • Piranha Pistol(s) for Gunslinger / Berserker classes
  • Corrupter Carbine for Field Medic / Sharpshooter classes
  • HRG Disrupter for Gunslinger class
  • HRG Tommy Boom for Demolitionist class

Killing Floor 2 will be on sale across all platforms in various Halloween promotions later in October to commemorate today’s Day of the Zed update. The game is available for PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

Watch the new trailer of Killing Floor 2 down below!