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Lemmings: Can you dig it? documentary premieres on YouTube tomorrow

Lemmings - Can you dig it?

It will have a free premiere through Exient’s YouTube channel.

Following a screening at the Dundee Contemporary Arts theatre last December, DMA Design and Exient Publishing have announced that the documentary Lemmings – Can you Dig It? is available on YouTube on Monday at noon GMT. The documentary is a 30th-anniversary salute to the legendary Lemmings video game franchise.

30 years of history

Lemmings was first created by DMA Design in Dundee and launched on February 14, 1991 by Liverpool-based Psygnosis for the Commodore Amiga. It has subsequently been ported to a variety of other platforms, including Sony’s PlayStation and most recently to mobile devices.

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Lemmings – Can you dig it? is a documentary that pays homage to this Scottish and UK gaming cultural institution. The film interviews individuals behind its original success, as well as researching its gaming legacy, and looking at how it influenced some of the world’s largest gaming franchises in the years following.

If you have two hours of your day available or are a fan of classic games, you can’t miss the premiere of Lemmings – Can you dig it? on YouTube.

Watch the premiere of the docummentary down below!