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Merek’s Market is available now on PC & Consoles

Merek's Market

Take control of a medieval shop that serves a diverse range of odd and colorful clients.

Big Village Games, an independent firm, announced today that their latest game, Merek’s Market, is now available on PC and Consoles. In Merek’s Market, you manage a medieval store that you strive to become the best in town with the help of your intrepid support crew.

Run your own medieval shop.

In this crazy management simulator, you will be the owner of this little medieval shop, which means you will be attending to the people of the town, each one more unique than the other, with unique and unusual personalities that you will encounter on a daily basis at the shop.

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In Big Village Games’ new title, you must bargain, barter, and craft your way through the single-player campaign, or you may team up with other friends and develop your business so that it can feed the entire town without complications.

Merek’s Market is now available on the Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PC, and Google Stadia.

Watch the launch trailer of Merek’s Market down below.