Mine Hunter is a roguelike dungeon action game out now on Google Play Early Access

Mine Hunter

Mine Hunter presents a 2D action-adventure with classic roguelike features.

CindyZ and Longcheer Games announced today that their new indie product, Mine Hunter, a roguelike dungeon crawler action game, is now available for Android via Google Play Early Access.

After monsters have ruled the earth, an orphan named Marson slips into a mine and is attacked by a swarm of monsters. He is nearly slain, but he is rescued by a hunter. Then his journey begins.

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Marson made the decision to stay and strive for world peace. You’ll assist him on his quest to confront the darkness and unveil the secrets of the abyssal power.

A randomized roguelike dungeon crawler

We must primarily remove creatures in the dungeon and eventually fight the Boss in this new title made by a Korean indie firm. However, because this dungeon crawler has roguelike features, we will not only meet various levels in our quest, but the characters will also be randomized in each game.

Despite the difficulty, you will receive a random skill and an artifact at the start of the level. So as you progress, you will be able to obtain more skills and artifacts. It’s something that will surely enhance our gaming experience until we learn that we will only have one life accessible. So if we die in some of the stages, we will have to restart the journey.

Given that each game will be absolutely random in terms of monsters, items, and stages, we must practice until we master a fantastic sequence of these three aspects in order to attain the end aim of beating the boss without losing our only life. Remember that practice makes perfect.

Despite the fact that, in some ways, pixel art games are popular (and we can find this sort of art in a variety of titles these days), CindyZ’s work is superb. Dare we say that the pixel art of Mine Hunter is among the most meticulous that we can discover on Google Play?

If you are interested in roguelike dungeon crawlers, without a doubt Mine Hunter is a title to take into account to play in the comfort of your smartphone. If you want to try it, Mine Hunter is available on Android through Google Play Early Access.

Watch the trailer of the game down below!

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