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Mira’s Brush launches on Steam

Mir'as Brush

After a few months on Steam Early Access, Angel Star Studios’ adorable platformer Mira’s Brush has been released.

Angel Star Studios, a development firm devoted to creating cute products in a variety of genres, has announced the release of Mira’s Blush, a new platformer. The game is a charming, color-based puzzle platformer full of odd monsters, lateral thinking challenges, and fascinating gameplay innovations.

A cute, colorful platformer.

In Mira’s Blush, you play as Mira, a normal high school student who does a variety of odd occupations ranging from electrical engineering to crocodile wrestling. Mira, a house painter, utilizes her magic brush to take color from a variety of opponents, which she then uses to leap, run, and navigate her way through Chromaland.

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Angel Star Studios’ new platformer is one of the studio’s largest projects to date, featuring over 60 stages with unique gimmicks, twists, platform action, puzzles, and original enemies, 100 original chiptunes, and tons of secrets, all using Mira’s magic brush and alternate routes, filled with colorful secrets and extra challenges.

Mira’s Brush is available on Steam for $9.99. If you want to try out the game, there is a completely free demo available on Steam.

Watch the game trailer down below.