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Mondoku: A colorful number puzzle game coming soon to Android and iOS


Indie studio Lite Games is releasing Mondoku – their new colorful number puzzle game for Android and iOS – on May 27.

In Mondoku, each number must appear once per row and once per column just like in Sudoku. The rules are very easy and quick to understand, but don’t let the easy rules fool you. Mondoku boasts of radiant colors and style. Each puzzle is almost a piece of art on its own featuring endless hours of joyful thinking.

The game features an infinite number of playing fields that are going to have levels of difficulty, from easy to insane difficulty for those who live for puzzle games and hard tests. As we mentioned, the highlight of the game is color. Mondoku has a lot of colorful board layouts with different types of number input.

Also the game is going to have an automatic save function. So if you have something to do while you’re battling with one of those insane levels, you can continue afterward without losing a single moment.

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Lite Games

Lite Games was founded in 2014 in Hamburg, Germany. It focuses on developing and publishing casual games for mobile devices. The company claims to have more than 25 million downloads and many internationally top-ranking apps in the most important app stores (Apple, Google, Amazon).


Mondoku is totally free to download on the App Store and Google Play without any additional costs. It is going to be available on May 27, 2021.