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Moonglow Bay is now available on PC, Xbox consoles, and Xbox Game Pass

Moonglow Bay

Moonglow Bay combines voxel art with incredible music in a 1980s Canadian fishing village.

Bunnyhug, in collaboration with Coatsink Software, announced today that their new game Moonglow Bay is now available for Xbox consoles and Xbox Game Pass. Moonglow Bay provides players with a varied and emotionally packed plot, as well as a pleasant, slice-of-life fishing RPG.

A fishy journey

In Bunnyhug’s new indie game, you play as a novice angler attempting to fulfill your partner’s ultimate request by keeping a business going in the face of approaching bankruptcy. You’ll need to prepare your catch of the day, then sell a variety of recipes to enhance your store, gear, and fishing boat, whether you’re playing solo or with a friend in drop-in-drop-out local co-op.

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Normally, games with this incredible combination of voxel imagery and a large band of sound behind us promise a great adventure. Our Journey in this new game is divided into three unique story arcs, each having its own fully-inhabited village to explore and the opportunity for dramatic confrontations with the rumored Mystical Monsters of Moonglow.

Explore the ocean’s furthest reaches, from icy glaciers to scorching geysers, and learn to cast nets, set traps, and fish through ice, recording over 100 different aquatic species while revealing the secrets of Moonglow Bay.

Moonglow Bay is now available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, and Xbox Game Pass.

Watch the launch trailer down below!