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Paladins Season 5 just arrived

Season 5 Paladin

The arrival of Seven, changes to Siege, new ranked rewards and a new battle pass await players in Paladins.

Players of Evil Mojo Games’ free-to-play team-based first-person shooter MOBA will be treated to a new season today. Season 5 of Paladins is jam-packed with new content that will deliver a diverse range of material and many hours of entertainment at the start of 2022, which Hi-Rez expects to be the finest year yet for the game.

The Executioner, VII

With the start of the new season, a new champion joins the Paladins‘ lineup. The Executioner VII, or Seven, comes in the Kingdom to bring genuine justice to the kingdom. He ensures that the punishments given are followed out, unencumbered by the trappings of compassion.

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Season 5 Paladin

VII may cling to the walls and utilize the terrain to his advantage to ambush his opponents in any situation. A mechanism that allows the character a lot of movement on the battlefields. He may also switch his weapon’s mode on the fly, switching between automatic, burst, and full-loader firing.

If you need to get away from a dangerous situation, use VII’s booby trap and then trigger his shadowy ultimate, which sends the targeted foes running in panic. This new Season 5, make sure to play with VII, who you can simply unlock by playing Paladin, as well as his two skins, which you can get for free by progressing with the character.

Siege: Beyond

Hi-Rez has a lot planned for Paladins in 2022. One of the three expansions for Siege, the most popular competitive mode among players, has come with the launch of Season 5. Siege: Beyond, as the title suggests, will have a new equipment shop with a general track as well as three specialized tracks: Support, Tank, and Damage.

Players may pick from three available things instead of the whole assortment at any time, making learning the shop simpler for newcomers. At the same time, with a total of twelve item stages to choose from as well as new item kinds, it provides for more strategic depth and customization of champions to fit various play styles.

Players will be able to experience this updated edition of the popular competitive mode for the next four months. Players will be able to embrace the new Siege enhancement when this period has passed.

Rank Rewards

If you were a part of Season 4, check your Paladin account because if you were one of the players who were qualified for the previous season’s awards, they should already be there.

Season 5 Paladin

Either the standard Loading Frame for achieving the greatest rank in the game, or the unique Loading Frame for those who received 500 praises last season.

With the arrival of Season 5, comes the legendary skin Will.0 Willo. Winning 75 ranks will get you access to this new skin.

A new event has arrived as well as a season pass

Perhaps, apart from the debut of VII, the new Season Pass and Event Pass that arrive with Season 5 are one of the most eagerly anticipated items among gamers.

Players are excited about the Abyss Hunter Academy Event Pass, which includes the Class President Rei skin, which can be acquired for free just by playing games, as well as Schoolyard Maeve, which is an immediate unlock after players buy the Event Pass. Progress unlocks a second version of each skin as well as a total of 24 awards.

Season 5 Paladin

In addition, the new season pass is available once again. The new Jurassic Ying skin and Dino Dash mount have arrived to send you back to the Jurassic period. In addition, the 2022 Season Pass grants access to every Champion in 2022, as well as exclusive cosmetics, 1500 crystals, and other benefits.

As Hi-Rez and Evil Mojo Games both know, Paladins is off to a great start this year. We’ll keep an eye on the future of Paladins in 2022. Paladins is a game that can be played on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Watch the new lore cinematic video down below!