Paladins champion Betty La Bomba revealed in new teaser trailer

Betty la bomba

An explosive new Paladins champion arrives in March. If there is something Paladins is known for, besides its gameplay, it is the design of its champions. Evil Mojo Games has managed, over time, to introduce a large number of champions available to play with different stories, which fit perfectly with the game itself and the … Read more

Paladins Season 5 just arrived

The arrival of Seven, changes to Siege, new ranked rewards and a new battle pass await players in Paladins. Players of Evil Mojo Games’ free-to-play team-based first-person shooter MOBA will be treated to a new season today. Season 5 of Paladins is jam-packed with new content that will deliver a diverse range of material and … Read more

Paladins champion Azaan, Dark Depths event pass out now

The champion Azaan the Eternal has made his triumphant arrival in Paladins with his blazing wings and intimidating presence. Hi-Rez Studios, in conjunction with Evil Mojo Games, has announced the arrival of the latest Paladins update, Absolution. With the addition of Azaan, the Dark Depths event pass, and Brody the Mount Shark, Absolution serves as … Read more

Paladins reveals new frontline champion Azaan

All players can soon wield the Pyre’s hammer like Azaan in Paladins. Hi-Rez, in partnership with Evil Mojo Games, has revealed the newest addition to the roster of Paladins champions. Azaan, a new character revealed today, has arrived at the Realm’s darkest hour, his fires devouring any who dare to stand in his way. The … Read more

Paladins adds new champion Vatu, modes, Event Pass, and map update

The new “Shadows” update from Paladins introduces a new champion, Vatu the shadow, alongside a new map update, new game modes, a completely new event pass, and visual upgrades. Vatu is a Flank with sharp Kunai and mysterious shadow magic, specializing in high mobility and damage. He uses his Ambush ability to jump at his … Read more

Paladins champion Vatu revealed in cinematic trailer

This May, Vatu joins Paladins as the latest Champion of the Realm. According to the developer: Vatu belongs to the shadows—he is the Shadow—until it is time for him to strike. Then, in the blink of an eye, you may catch the glint of a Kunai. But it is already too late. Last month, Hi-Rez added Octavia the Indomitable … Read more

Octavia now available as latest Paladins champion, Game On Event Pass live

Octavia the Indomitable is out today as Paladins’ second champion this year alongside the new Game On event pass. Octavia was announced earlier this month as the game’s 48th champion. She is described as a “powerful battlefield Champion that we’ve wanted in our game for a while.” “As a design team, we started with the … Read more