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Pre-orders set to open for Game Boy Color game The Machine

The Machine

Don’t miss Ben Jelter and Spacebot Interactive’s new dystopian world The Machine.

The Machine, a new dystopian adventure game developed by the independent developer Ben Jelter in collaboration with Spacebot Interactive and Incube 8 Games, is about to open for pre-orders. This new game for the vintage Game Boy Color, which we previously covered, is the latest release from retro publisher Incube 8 Games, which aims to keep retro systems relevant.

Venture into this dystopian world in the palm of your hands

In The Machine, players can choose from a variety of narrative lines set in a unique dystopian setting. Explore the inner workings of a massive machine and the people that inhabit it as they make decisions that will have a significant impact on the future.

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In this hierarchical society, your position in the world is established at a young age thanks to an aptitude test, which allows you to play as a factory worker, a cop, a spy, a hippy, and more in each game. Meet the people around you and make choices that will have a significant impact on the future of your house and its residents. We can expect over 25 different outcomes.

The Machine will have physical pre-orders open on February 16 for the Game Boy Color. If you wish to test out a demo of the game, go to the game’s dedicated website and click here.