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PS4 tops 100 million units sold, passing original PlayStation

The PS4 marked two significant milestones in the most recent quarter. The system both passed the original PlayStation in total sales and topped 100 million units sold.

Sony reported quarterly sales of 2.8 million for the system for a total of 102.8 million units sold to date. That puts it barely ahead of PS1, which sold 102.5 million units. Given that the platform likely still has at least a few years left before the end of production, its lead over PS1 will grow.

The PS4 is now Sony’s second-highest selling console. The top-selling console is, of course, the PlayStation 2. PS2 sold 155 million units, so it’s unlikely that PS4 will catch up, but it’s a marked improvement from PS3, which failed to top 100 million units sold.

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This coming holiday will be the PS4’s final holiday before the PS5 is released. The PS5 is set to launch in late 2020. So far, Sony has announced that PS5 will include an SSD, PSVR support, PS4 backwards compatibility, and 8K output.