Ray Liotta
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Ray Liotta’s legacy in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will live on forever

Ray Liotta

This unforgettable actor left several traces in the video game industry.

Few big-name Hollywood figures have been as prominent in the video game industry as Ray Liotta. Despite not having many games in his repertoire, he left great performances behind for fans.

Today, we learned that Ray Liotta sadly passed away. The news has shaken not only the movie industry but the video game industry as well. The popular actor famously lent his voice to one of the most beloved games of the 2000s – Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

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Tommy Vercetti, remember the name!

If you mention Ray Liotta to any video game connoisseur, they will automatically think of GTA: Vice City. Although he has great movies to his credit, such as Goodfellas and Hannibal, his time in video games will always be remembered.

Ray Liotta

The actor lent his voice to the iconic character Tommy Vercetti, the main character of the 1980s-inspired game from the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Thanks to his work in this game, Liotta left us with one of the most interesting protagonists of the GTA series – to the point that he has also been mentioned in other games of the franchise.

Put on the shoes of Liotta and kill zombies

Despite not having many appearances in the video game industry, he was very effective when it came to his participation. After the great work of Tommy Vercetti, he was part of another success in the industry in the form of Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. Liotta lent his face and voice to one of the characters in Mob of the Dead, the zombie experience of one of the Black Ops 2 DLCs.

Ray Liotta

In this DLC of one of the better games in the Call of Duty saga, players put themselves in the boots of the late actor. Players had to survive the zombies inside the Alcatraz prison complex.

It is sad news about the departure of this incredible actor. Beyond the sadness, we make this article as a tribute to his role in gaming. Our deepest sympathies to Liotta’s family.