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Scarf is out now on PC


HandyGames delivers its early Christmas present, an incredible adventure platformer.

Scarf, a breathtaking 3D platform adventure with a complex setting and a surprisingly deep narrative, was released today by HandyGames in conjunction with developer Uprising Studios.

An adventure that will clearly surprise you.


We shall be escorted in Scarf by a supernatural monster with shape-shifting abilities. It wraps around your delicate avatar like a seemingly regular scarf. He requires your assistance in locating his house and mother. Your mission, aided by your dragon-shaped scarf, is to track down the spirits who stole the keys to the gateway and return them home.

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In this new Uprising Studios game, we will have to solve progressively hard puzzles, conquer challenging barriers, and find new and breathtaking locales utilizing a range of intriguing techniques. Although it is a puzzle and challenge-filled video game, it is all wrapped up in a tranquil and familiar wrapper, so take your time, relax your breath, and immerse yourself in this crazy universe.

Scarf is now available for PC via Steam, GOG.com, and the Epic Games Store.

Watch the game trailer down below.