SEGA Genesis Mini 2
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Sega Genesis Mini 2 coming to America this fall

SEGA Genesis Mini 2

More power, more games, and the classic Genesis design but smaller.

If we talk about the best consoles in history we can mention the SNES, the PlayStation 2, and the Xbox 360, among other consoles. But, it is impossible to leave out of the list, perhaps, Sega’s most popular console worldwide: the Sega Genesis (Mega Drive outside of the US).

A little over a month after the announcement in Japan, Sega finally announces the future arrival of the Sega Genesis Mini 2 to the North American market. It’s a revision of the Sega Genesis Mini that simply upgrades the micro console in every aspect.

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Sega Genesis Mini returns with more power than ever before

Although the launch of the Sega Genesis Mini was almost three years ago, it has been a product that has sold well. Very well. It did especially well among retro gaming fans, who simply have a very special affection for this console.

Something that had always been talked about thanks to SEGA insiders is that an upgraded version was in the works. Many gamers realized that the SEGA Genesis Mini was lacking in power, games, and most importantly, the three-button control pad.

SEGA Genesis Mini 2

After years of speculation, finally, SEGA announced the console in the Japanese market last month. The Sega Genesis Mini 2 will have much more performance. In addition, it will feature a built-in digital sound synthesizer. Expect a large game catalog with over 50 titles including games that were not released in the first version. Plus, it includes SEGA CD games for the first time.

Among the most popular titles are Virtua Racing, OutRunners, Sonic CD, The Ninja Warriors, Lightening Force, and many more. The SEGA Genesis Mini 2 will hit the US market on October 27, 2022. At launch, it will only be possible to get the console through Amazon. You can even pre-order the console here.

Watch the announcement trailer below!