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Shinorubi launches on Steam Early Access


Show your skills in this bullet-hell shoot ’em up arcade game.

Shinorubi, a new bullet-hell shoot’em up from French indie studio Last Boss 88 Studio, is out now on Steam Early Access. Shinorubi is a fast-paced arcade shooter with a lot of replayability because of its different difficulty levels, array types, and spaceships to pilot.

Become a legend in this bullet-hell

You must demonstrate your piloting talents by dodging countless enemy shots and breaking through ground and air defenses like a good bullet-hell. You start with full power from the beginning and will have to face tough bosses in the person of the ruthless generals of the tyrant army on your quest to free Shinorubi.

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Shinorubi is a 4K resolution game that can be played with a keyboard, joystick, and a configurable arcade controller. It boasts precision gameplay, a sophisticated scoring system, and a fever bar that can be activated to cancel all on-screen shots.

Early Access will feature five more pilots (for a total of eight), three more array modes (for a total of nine), and two extra game modes, including Caravan Scenario Mode. Get the greatest score in the shortest amount of time.

Shinorubi is available for Steam Early Access on January 20, 2022.

Watch a gameplay video down below!