Star Wars: Squadrons update 2.0 lets players reset rankings

Star Wars: Squadrons

Star Wars: Squadrons’ Update 2.0 went live today, and the latest patch has two important things to note.

First, the dev team took advantage of player and community feedback for Squadrons and “worked through a few issues” to patch up the multiplayer portion of the game. Update 2.0 allows pilots to reset their online Rank and enjoy a “fresh start” with the Ranked multiplayer mode.

This was a pretty smart idea, considering that a lot of players had issues with Ranked Fleet Battles. Players would drop out before the start of matches. There was also a bug that prevented some players from rising above Rank 0 – no matter how many Fleet Battles were played.

Second, as an added bonus and a token of the team’s appreciation, all Squadrons players will also receive 1,200 Glory points when they log into the game. This little gift of Glory actually came at the perfect time for me, too. Just last night, I actually spent exactly 1,200 Glory, just to buy that damn Baby Yoda figure to put on the dash of all my Rebel ships.

Yes, you read that correctly. But in case you missed it, the Baby Yoda figurine was one of six Mandalorian-themed cosmetic items that were bundled in the free “Mandalorian Supply Drop” content that dropped just a few days ago. The free DLC was released in celebration of the hit Disney+ series’ Season 2 premiere.

Players can deck out their cockpits with a couple of hologram projections that are based on the show. There’s a hanging model of the Mandalorian’s personal cruiser. My favorite is the “IG series” droid figurine, based on the same model of droid seen in the show. You know, the one that drops all the ridiculously witty one-liners while generally being a pain in the ass of the Mandalorian himself.

It’s just too bad that the IG Droid figure doesn’t blurt out some of the quips from the show while you’re flying through space. Oh well. I’m still set on using my gifted Glory points to buy it. I need to add some charm to my TIE cockpits now that I’ve already got Baby Yoda.

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