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Super Nintendo World opens at Universal Studios Japan in February 2021

Super Nintendo World

Universal’s Nintendo-themed mini-park is almost complete. And after seeing the reveal, I want to go.

Super Nintendo World opens as its own section of Universal Studios Japan on February 4, 2021. But you don’t have to wait until next year to get a sneak peek inside of what looks like it will be a magical place.

As you can see from the teaser, the near-finished park looks a lot like the concept art. The Mario-themed structures include the iconic yellow question mark box, coins, a Mario flag pole, and the POW block that first appeared in the Mario Bros. arcade game.

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The planned opening was scheduled for 2020, just in time for Tokyo’s 2020 Summer Olympics. Of course, the Olympics were delayed as well. So the park’s grand opening in February will beat the summer games to the finish line. However, the park is actually located in Osaka, so if you go to Japan for the Olympics, you’ll have to travel a bit.

Among the first attractions are a Mario Kart ride and a Yoshi’s Adventure ride. If the park proves successful, there’s a possibility that the concept could expand to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. But I rather like the idea of seeing this in-person during a trip to Japan.

Watch the reveal trailer below!