Here’s how to unlock Rambo Ullr in Smite

Rambo joins Smite as a playable god. John Rambo is summoned out of the jungles of Burma to answer the call of battle once again. This time the movie icon lands in the third-person multiplayer online battle arena Smite. According to Hi-Rez Studios, the Norse god Ullr becomes Rambo. Fans can play Rambo if they … Read more

Rambo joined Rogue Company today

RogueCompany Rambo

One of Hollywood’s classic characters arrives in the Hi-Rez multiplayer FPS. Rogue Company is getting a new update today featuring one of cinema’s most popular characters, John Rambo from Rambo. A character outfit for Seeker is included, and an in-game event offers dozens of themed rewards. Rambo King Cobra Upgrade Even for the elite members … Read more

Rambo joins Paladins with a crossover skin

Paladins Rambo

You can redeem the skin for free with Prime Gaming. Rambo, the renowned Hollywood persona and pop culture phenomenon, is coming to Paladins as a skin for the iconic champion Viktor. It’s all thanks to a collaboration between Hi-Rez, Lionsgate, Millennium Media, and Prime Gaming. “Sir, do we get to win this time?” Through March … Read more

Free Rambo mission arrives in Far Cry 6

Rambo arrives to bring a special event for all players of the latest installment of the Far Cry series. Ubisoft today announced a cooperation with Studio Canal, the owners of the Rambo movie rights, to deliver a free Rambo event in Far Cry 6. This bloody and entertaining event, dubbed “All the Blood,” is jam-packed … Read more

Die Hard’s iconic Nakatomi Plaza is now in Call of Duty: Warzone

Nakatomi Plaza just can’t catch a break. First, the iconic tower was the site of a hostage-taking in Die Hard. Now it’s transported to Call of Duty: Warzone‘s Verdansk ’84 map. Warzone‘s new tallest structure arrives as part of the ‘80s Action Heroes event where you’ll also find John McClane and Rambo. In a new … Read more

Call of Duty: Warzone, Cold War, Mobile add action icons Rambo, John McClane

Activision has announced that two ’80s action heroes are coming to Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, Call of Duty: Warzone, and Call of Duty: Mobile this week with an explosive mid-season update. One is John McClane, a New York cop who arrives at a holiday party turned hostage situation. He’s the hero of the Die Hard films, one … Read more