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The 30th anniversary of Cotton is here with three surprises

Cotton 30th anniversary

The classic Japanese series is 30 years old and Success corp. is happy to give the fans three surprises that all retro gamers will love.

Today is a special day for retro game fans. Cotton, one of the iconic game series that came primarily from Japan to arcades, is celebrating its 30th anniversary! To commemorate the occasion, Success Corp. has teamed up with ININ Games and, for the first time, Strictly Limited Games to bring fans not one, not two, but three new titles from the series.

Cotton is a shoot ’em up developed by Success that debuted with Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams in 1991 and has spanned a history of releases in arcades and on consoles for those who are unfamiliar with this incredible series of games. Cotton games, instead of the usual warships and battlefields, put players in control of a witch riding on a broom and task them with fighting through magical haunted kingdoms.

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Cotton 100%, Panorama Cotton, and Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute are the three new titles that will be released to commemorate Cotton’s 30th anniversary, with different versions available thanks to ININ Games and Strictly Limited Games.

Cotton 100%.

Cotton 100%  provides new Cotton players with an excellent start in the franchise. The game was first released on the Super Famicom in 1994, and then on the PlayStation 1 in 2003. With a bright, colorful palette, it’s ideal for beginners because it’s easier to work with than the original game. The game will be available for digital download from ININ Games, as well as a Limited and Collector’s Edition from Strictly Limited Games.

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute.

Cotton Guardian Force Saturn Tribute includes two fantastic Cotton universe games: Cotton 2 and Cotton Boomerang. Furthermore, the retro shoot ’em up Guardian Force adds variety to the tribute by offering something other than the magical adventures of the iconic “cute ’em up” heroine. The game will be available as a Limited Edition and a Collector’s Edition only from Strictly Limited Games.

Panorama Cotton.

Panorama Cotton, first released in 1994, introduces a new gameplay design to the Cotton franchise. When it was released on the Mega Drive, the “pseudo 3D” shoot ’em up was regarded as a technical marvel. This rework of the original game will be available for digital download from the ININ Games and Strictly Limited Games online stores as a Limited and Collector’s Edition.

In addition to these surprise announcements by Success, ININ Games and Strictly Limited Games, it has been said that the cherry on the cake is still missing, which we will know a little more about before the end of 2021.