The Best-Designed Enemies in Elden Ring

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These are some of the many best-designed enemies in Elden Ring. The inclusions of this list are based on a few major criteria. They must not be bosses, obviously, and their appearance and attacks must be distinct and unique from other enemies.

An important part of these enemies is that they are challenging yet not frustrating to fight. So, enemies like rats are too simple, and ones like Revenants are much too frustrating to kill. However, there will be some exceptions.

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Considering that I will not include any bosses or characters that appear as enemies, this article will not contain spoilers for the narrative of the game. Without further delay, let us count down the best-designed enemies in Elden Ring.

Bloodhound Knights

The Best-Designed Enemies in Elden Ring

An agile humanoid with an unusual posture, these canine-like knights wield the curved Bloodhound’s Fang greatswords with exceptional prowess. They dodge attacks nimbly and utilize a range of airborne attacks that manage to overwhelm their foes.

These mysterious knights wear worn armor which includes the distinct Hounskull Visor helm and the jutting breastplate. The game does not reveal what these humanoids look like without armor.

It could be speculated that these creatures may be similar to demi-humans in some ways. Demi-humans look and behave like apes while these bizarre knights behave like hounds. They are exceptional trackers and keen hunters. According to the little lore that is given, they choose their master and serve eternally.

Exile Soldiers

The Best-Designed Enemies in Elden Ring

One of my personal favorite enemy types in Elden Ring, the Exile soldiers guard Stormveil Castle and Castle Sol along with a few other places.

They wield straight swords, great axes, and crossbows. Their loadout varies according to their size and strength. Lore says that they are required to keep their faces covered, and they achieve this using their hoods.

One interesting detail about their armor – and possibly their bodies – is the fact that there are strange thorny vines around. It is unclear what these are, or how they are caused. They have fairly straightforward offenses and defenses and are not particularly difficult to defeat.

Chanting Winged Dames

The Best-Designed Enemies in Elden Ring

These bat-like creatures are rather unique because they chant a song that sings about the fate of the Lands Between. Because of this, these creatures are exceptionally unique.

It is unclear why they are able to sing in Latin, or why they visibly lament about the land’s fate, unlike other less talkative enemies. Maybe they are more intelligent than other creatures.

Hopefully, we will be able to learn more about these creatures in the upcoming Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. I consider them to be quite extraordinary.

As to their offenses, they attack similarly to the Giant Bats, but stronger.  Dropping Lands Between Runes (level 6 or 9) is almost guaranteed upon defeating them.

Thorn Sorcerers

Thorn Sorcerers remind me of certain enemies from the brilliant Metroidvania game Blasphemous. While weak and frail in appearance and battle, their design is top-tier. With gouged-out eyes by thorns, they adorn red robes.

Wielding fire staves, they follow Fire Prelates and Fire Monks. There are no definite reasons as to why. But I suspect that Adan, who stole the Giantsflame, was one of them or at least related to them in some way. Fire Monks in Liurnia were actively looking for Adan, and he was a fugitive.

The game says that the Thorn Sorcerers are also criminals. Living in eternal darkness without eyes, they discovered the Blood Star. In some cases, these sorcerers use Aberrant sorceries, works of heresy that are reviled by the academy Raya Lucaria.

Colossal Fingercreeper

Personally, the Colossal Fingercreeper is one of the most grotesque and chilling creatures of the Lands Between. Doubtless, you’ve already seen Fingercreepers which are frustrating and exceptionally difficult to kill. Imagine one that is overwhelmingly huge. Found in the Giants’ Mountaintop, it is unclear how this awe-inspiring specimen came to be.

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I mentioned in the introduction that there will be exceptions to the criteria from which I selected the entries; this is one of them. Colossal Fingercreeper is simply too majestic to ignore. Also, it’s a very intelligent move to simply not fight this thing at all. Defeating it will take time and the rewards are not very impressive, either. But I suggest going against it a single time to see how monstrous it is.

Cleanrot Knights

Including these rot-infected knights came down to their unique design and lore. They served Malenia in the battle of Aeonia and it’s safe to say that they are extraordinarily loyal to the Rot Goddess.

Serving alongside her meant that they would gradually be eaten away from the inside and left as mindless beasts, not unlike General Radahn. Despite knowing that, they still proudly served the Blade of Miquella.

One of the finest specimens of warriors in the game is Finlay, the Cleanrot Knight. A woman of superhuman strength, both physically and psychologically, she brought the slumbering Malenia from Caelid all the way to the Haligtree on her own. She did this while she was sick with the Scarlet Rot. Her love and loyalty to her commander is quite obvious here.

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Wielding dexterity-based weapons and incantations, Cleanrot Knights wear intricately crafted light armor with helmets that look like that of Malenia.