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The Cycle Frontier

The upcoming FPS has caught the attention of the PC FPS community.

The Cycle: Frontier, a new game from Yager, has a new closed beta starting today on Steam and the Epic Games Store. New components to the game are added in this latest closed beta, on top of all the content added in each of the previous closed betas, which over 350k people have played on Steam.

Players will find a unique blend of PvE, PvP, and co-op multiplayer in The Cycle: Frontier, featuring persistent matches and smooth matchmaking in a stunning sci-fi world where every action has tremendous effects.

Welcome to Fortuna III

The Cycle: Frontier introduces players to Fortuna III, a treacherous realm of alien beauty where the stakes are high and the rewards are even higher, for those who are new to the game or are participating for the first time in the game’s closed betas. Drop to the surface and stuff your pockets with loot, but keep in mind that only those who make it out alive keep their rewards.

Be on the lookout for savage monsters, a deadly radioactive storm, and other ruthless players. Prospect for wealth on your alone, with friends, or form temporary relationships with strangers – or go on the hunt and steal their hard-earned loot. You choose which road to take, which aim to pursue, which conflict to engage in or avoid, and when to flee.

The Cycle Frontier

New closed beta content

New in-match activities will be available in the latest closed beta, which begins today and runs until April 4. To mine for resources, players must summon laser drills and oil pumps, but they must be prepared to defend their large payout from those attempting to take it from under them.

In addition, three new faction missions will be accessible, guiding players through their initial steps on the surface while also unlocking vital new gear and providing insight into the game’s lore. In addition, this latest closed beta will have new monster types, terrain designs, and gameplay improvements.

The Cycle: Frontier Closed Beta begins today and will be available through April 4 via Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Watch the game trailer down below!