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This adorable Kirby plush will help keep you warm

Kirby Plush Usb Warmer

With the new USB heater plushie, Nintendo’s iconic Kirby character is ready to warm your body and heart.

Despite the fact that Kirby is a huge pink ball that can absorb everything in its path, no one can deny that he is Nintendo’s most huggable video game hero. Bandai has announced that the USB heater plushie of Kirby will return to the market, but this time it will not be limited to Japan. It will instead be available at the Premium Bandai online store.

The most adorable and comfy companion

Of course, if you’re an adult fan of Kirby, you might feel a little self-conscious about purchasing a Kirby stuffed animal just to hug. But if Kirby is also serving a useful purpose, there’s no need to be embarrassed. This plushie is actually a cute heating pad.

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This USB heater plushie measures approximately 11.8 inches in length. The USB-powered heater heats up to 111.2 degrees Fahrenheit. The 5.9-foot cable makes it simple to connect Kirby to a power source. The plushie warms up in about 30 seconds after you turn it on.

The Kirby Plush USB Warmer is available to pre-order now on the Premium Bandai website for $55. It’s expected to ship in March 2022.