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Trine Series 1-3 coming to Switch September 20, exclusive to GameStop

Video game developer Frozenbyte and GameStop-owned publisher GameTrust are bringing the first three installments of Trine to Nintendo Switch as a GameStop exclusive called Trine Series 1-3.

Trine Series 1-3 will retail for $39.99 only at GameStop. Pre-orders are now open at GameStop.com. The collection launches the same day as the Nintendo Switch Lite.

“We’re excited to bring Trine Series 1-3 to Nintendo Switch; it’s the perfect trilogy for gamers to play on this platform, only available at GameStop,” says Frozenbyte CEO Laura Hyvärinen.

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This edition is in addition to the Trine: Ultimate Collection, which is out on October 10 for $49.99 and includes the first three games plus Trine 4, which is also out as a standalone game on the same day.

Gamers who pre-order Trine: Ultimate Collection or Trine 4 at GameStop will receive two pre-order bonuses. It comes with a cloth poster and Toby’s Dream Level DLC. The DLC will be available on launch day.

At first glance, the purpose of the Trine Series 1-3 release isn’t all that obvious, as it is a worse value than the Ultimate Collection. It does come out a few weeks earlier and is $10 cheaper, sure, but you’re missing out on Trine 4. However, Series 1-3 is fitting all three games on one Switch

If you’re not at all interested in Trine 4 and don’t have the space or a reliable enough internet connection to download three games, GameStop’s Series 1-3 is the way to go. Otherwise, pay $10 more and get the Ultimate Collection.