Two new characters join the divine romantic comedy Cupid Parasite

Cupid Parasite

A month before the game’s release in both North America and Europe, Idea Factory has announced the addition of two more characters to the Parasite House in Cupid Parasite.

In Cupid Parasite, players help all the Parasite House members discover true love by taking them on “practice dates” to make them ready for their eventual partners. A movie star and a fashion designer are the new additions to this otome romantic comedy.

Raul Aconite, the movie star

Raul Aconite is a movie star who has come to Parasite House with the hopes of winning over all the girls, despite his specific obsession…

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Raul Aconite

He just agreed to act in his first romance film and joined Cupid Corp at the request of his agency in order to truly grasp what it means to be in love. He developed a fascination with researching Greek mythology as a result of a near-death experience in which he was certain the gods had spared his life, and he never failed to bring it up in every discussion.

Because of his fixation, he has difficulty meeting individuals with whom he can interact, and he has now become a member of the Parasite 5.

The glamorous boy, Ryuki F. Keisaiin

Ryuki F. Keisaiin, a member of the Keisaiin fashion family dynasty, established his own specialized “rYUKI” line of apparel in a glam style. His elder sister, who had found love through Cupid Corp, had enrolled him up without informing him. His desire for marriage is exceedingly low, but his physical beauty standard is unreasonably high.

Ryuki F. Keisaiin

He is incapable of identifying anybody with a lower facial rank and has previously struggled to communicate with his different advisors, leading to his inclusion in the Parasite 5. Something that complicates things for our designer friend is his synesthesia, which means he occasionally identifies individuals with certain colors and frequently responds to them with what appears to be their color-related hexadecimal code. Yes, that is very weird…

Release date and pre-orders

Cupid Parasite launches on Nintendo Switch in Europe and North America on November 2. Pre-orders are open now at Playasia.

Cupid Parasite Limited Edition

Aside from the addition of two new unique characters, Idea Factory has announced that the Cupid Parasite Limited Edition will be available for presale starting today exclusively via the IFI NA Online Store and Video Games Plus if you live in Canada. The Limited Edition includes the following:

  • Game for Nintendo Switch (with reversible cover sleeve)
  • Steel Game Box
  • Hardcover Artbook Keychain Set “The Parasite’s Guide to Los Angeles”
  • Collector’s Box Radio in Los Angeles Presents: Pillow Talk (audio drama on two discs including OP/ED themes)
  • Exclusive Trading Card

Watch the opening trailer of Cupid Parasite here on Game Freaks 365!

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