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Weapons that would’ve been great in Elden Ring

Elden Ring has a great and varied arsenal of history-accurate weapons and fantasy weapons. In fact, it has one of the greatest arsenals in gaming. However, there still are weapons that would’ve been great additions to Elden Ring.

Every weapon in this list is one that was used by various nations in medieval times. Hopefully, we’ll be able to see at least a few of them appear in Elden Ring‘s upcoming Shadow of the Erdtree expansion.

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Weapons that would’ve been great additions to Elden Ring

Odachi is more-or-less a greatsword version of the katana. It features an intimidatingly long blade and a big handle for the user to hold it in two hands.

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Capable of delivering lethal thrusts and slashes, only the strongest and biggest Samurai warriors could wield it effectively. It’s also depicted as a stellar weapon to use on horseback.

Gada (mace)

Weapons that would’ve been great additions to Elden Ring
Source for art: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/0PGEy

A weapon of choice of Hindu deities, the actual Gada in Indian history was much smaller than their mythological counterparts. Elden Ring is a game where you slay gods and become transcendent yourself. And it only fits that the Tarnished could wield a weapon of the gods.

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While there are other superb maces in the game, Gada is a weapon we very rarely see in games. It’s quite simplistic in design, but overwhelmingly powerful and intimidating. A true skull crusher.


Weapons that would’ve been great additions to Elden Ring

An unusual curved sword that also had features of an axe, the Panabas was a weapon from the Philippines. A very threatening weapon with a long handle and a hefty blade, it is clear that the Panabas is capable of chopping down any foe in its way. It’s also akin to a cleaver. This is a unique weapon that would’ve been a great addition to Elden Ring’s arsenal.


Literally meaning “sword” in Turkish, the Kilij is a curved blade with intricate designs. With a beautiful scabbard and a decorated handle, the Kilij would’ve been a worthy addition to the dexterity-based curved swords of Elden Ring.

Irish Ring-hilt Sword

A straightforward and common greatsword, the Irish Ring-hilted Sword is simple in design. While it may have been a great addition to the Greatsword category of the game, I’m speaking of an Irish Ring-hilt sword big enough to be classified as a colossal sword. In that, it would be similar to the Zweihander. I really like the ability in a game to wield an extraordinary version of a real-life weapon, and because the Colossal Sword category is mostly consistent with fantasy weapons, a simple yet effective weapon from history like this would’ve been a great addition.


Another iconic sword from medieval India, the Khanda does not feature a tip that would be used in thrusts. Instead, the sword is double-edged and was mainly used for slashing and chopping. As a straight sword, a Khanda would’ve been a distinct and welcome addition to the game.