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Winter Eggspansion for Eggcelerate launches on Steam

Winter Eggspansion for Eggcelerate launches on Steam

The wacky racing game Eggcelerate just got a new expansion.

Winter Eggspansion for Eggcelerate has launched on Steam. That’s according to indie developer and publisher Tyre Bytes. In this expansion, you’ll deliver Easter eggs around the North Pole, drifting and sliding through snowbanks without dropping an egg.

“This Eggspansion brings a new set of time-trial challenges snowmen can do. Roads will freeze your tears while snowmen will bring out the laughter. Play again and again reacting to the slippery surfaces that make each attempt different than the last,” Tyre Bytes says.

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Eggcelerate was released last year for PC. It comes from a solo indie developer who got some assets from the livestream community and freelancers. The base game retails for $7.99. Winter Eggspansion for Eggcelerate is currently on sale for $5.99.

Watch a trailer for the expansion below!