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Planet Zoo North America Animal Pack DLC coming next month

Planet Zoo North America Animal Pack

Enjoy North American wildlife in Frontier Development’s Planet Zoo along with a new free update.

Frontier Developments announced today a brand-new addition for Planet Zoo, the ultimate zoo simulation, that will take players to the wild and harsh landscapes of North America with the North America Animal Pack. The North America Animal Pack adds eight popular North American creatures to the game, as well as an exciting new timed scenario.

The North America Animal Pack

The industrious American Beaver, with its long front teeth and paddle-shaped tail; the towering and majestic Moose; the sleek and smart California Sea Lion; the shy and solitary Cougar; the enormous American Alligator; the highly sociable Black-tailed Prairie Dog; and the elusive yet adorable Arctic Fox comprise this new pack.

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In addition to these magnificent seven animals, the American Bullfrog is a member of the group. They are the biggest frog in North America and are recognized for their brilliant green skin and strong swimming. As just the second swimming display species to be brought to Planet Zoo, they are guaranteed to excite zoo visitors.

Also, an exciting new timed scenario is on its way to the pack. Zookeepers will venture into the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains’ foothills to put their talents to the test, transforming a tiny zoo set in swampy wetlands into a fully-functioning success story.

Update 1.7

As we’ve come to expect from Frontier Developments’ development team, in addition to this new paid DLC, all players will receive a free update to the main game. This new update to the game includes a slew of new features and enhancements. Terrain changes in beginning maps, a new height map feature, deep-water swimming for feline species, route obstacles, and much more are included.

The Planet Zoo: North America Animal Pack, along with the new free update, will be available for $9.99 on Steam on October 4, 2021.

Watch the announcement trailer of the North America Animal Pack of Planet Zoo here on Game Freaks 365!