Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack announced

The Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack is arriving alongside Update 1.9. Frontier Developments just announced a new expansion pack for Planet Zoo alongside an upcoming game update. Planet Zoo: Wetlands Animal Pack brings eight fascinating new species to the game. Here’s what you can expect: Introducing the endearing Capybara, which spends much of the day wallowing in nearby pools; the Platypus, … Read more

Planet Zoo: Europe Pack arrives next week

Snowfall is coming to Planet Zoo with the new Europe Pack DLC. Frontier Developments is releasing a new DLC for Planet Zoo, the greatest zoo simulator available right now. The new Planet Zoo: Europe Pack transports you to a winter paradise filled with fresh creatures and landscapes from the European continent. Beautiful animals from the … Read more

Planet Zoo North America Animal Pack DLC coming next month

Enjoy North American wildlife in Frontier Development’s Planet Zoo along with a new free update. Frontier Developments announced today a brand-new addition for Planet Zoo, the ultimate zoo simulation, that will take players to the wild and harsh landscapes of North America with the North America Animal Pack. The North America Animal Pack adds eight … Read more

Planet Zoo: Africa Pack is out now

Frontier Developments keeps adding new content to the best zoo simulator on the market right now. Planet Zoo Africa Pack is now available alongside the free update 1.6. I’m not sure what you’re thinking if you haven’t already played Planet Zoo. It is without a doubt the greatest zoo management simulator accessible to date; the … Read more

Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack and Update 1.5 available now

The brand-new Southeast Asia Animal Pack and the free Update 1.5 are out now in Planet Zoo. According to Frontier Developments, the Planet Zoo: Southeast Asia Animal Pack features eight new animals, including: Clouded Leopard Sun Bear Proboscis Monkey Binturong Malayan Tapir Ussuri Dhole North Sulawesi Babirusa Giant Malaysian Leaf Insect What’s new in Update 1.5? Update 1.5 brings … Read more

Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack out now

Are you ready to make a splash? The Planet Zoo: Aquatic Pack is available now on PC via Steam along with a free new update. The Aquatic Pack lets you expand your zoo with a marine menagerie. It introduces five iconic, water-dwelling animals: King Penguin, Grey Seal, Giant Otter, Cuvier’s Dwarf Caiman, and Diamondback Terrapin. The habitat animals in this new pack are able … Read more

Planet Zoo Australia Pack launches today

Planet Zoo players can now head to the outback as the Australia Pack is out now on PC via Steam. As we previously noted, the Planet Zoo Australia Pack welcomes five new iconic species. They include the koala, red kangaroo, dingo, southern cassowary, and eastern blue-tongued lizard. The pack also has new foliage, scenery, and zoo construction pieces. … Read more

Planet Zoo: Australia Pack adds koalas, red kangaroos, dingoes, and more

Frontier Developments is heading Down Under with the new Planet Zoo: Australia Pack. The Planet Zoo Australia Pack welcomes five new iconic species, including the koala, red kangaroo, dingo, southern cassowary and striking eastern blue-tongued lizard. It also has “a wealth of new foliage, scenery, and zoo construction pieces inspired by the diverse range of environments found … Read more

Planet Zoo Arctic Pack DLC out now

Frontier Developments today announced the first paid DLC for Planet Zoo, the Arctic Pack, available now on Steam. Players can explore a wintery wonderland in the Arctic Pack. Featuring four new habitat animals, two new scenarios, and hundreds of foliage and scenery items. The first paid Planet Zoo DLC launches alongside a free update for … Read more

Planet Zoo is getting a two-week PC beta

The upcoming construction and business management simulation Planet Zoo is getting a PC beta next week. The beta begins on September 24 and runs through October 8.  According to publisher Frontier, the beta will feature the first scenario from the game’s Career mode and a biome from Franchise mode. Planet Zoo has a narrative-driven Career mode where players will be … Read more