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About an Elf is a strange new fantasy adventure game coming to Switch

About an Elf

Experience a fantasy/adventure RPG like no other. Seriously, like no other…

About an Elf, a new game from indie developer Meringue Interactive, will be released on Nintendo Switch next month. This unique point-and-click fantasy/adventure RPG takes us on a journey unlike any other, one that will undoubtedly scar you for life.

Discover the Lost Promised Land

As Princess Dam, the titular elf, players must navigate a fantastical world. Look for Elftopia, a lovely and pleasant area that was formerly free and open to everyone but is now closed.

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About an Elf

We must not only guide Princess Dam, but also her incorrigible apprentice, Roland the Brave Cat, on a quest to discover the lost promised land. You’ll journey through a world beset by strange living forms and strange characters. The King of Terrors and his army of horrible monsters stand in your way as you seek friendship and enjoyment.

The art style, settings, and characters in this game make it a one-of-a-kind gaming experience. Not only because it’s a strange game, but it’s also a reflection on the sentiments of isolation brought on by imprisonment, but with a hopeful and lighthearted, optimistic vision for the future, according to the developers.

About an Elf launches on February 10 for the Nintendo Switch.

Watch the game trailer down below!