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Battlefield 2042

DICE hears the complaints of Battlefield 2042 fans in favor of improving the game.

DICE is going to tremendous pains to enhance Battlefield 2042 and restore the faith of Battlefield players who have given up on the game after its dismal launch, fan review bombing, and a spate of refunds.

The Electronic Arts studio made the decision to make the new maps smaller than the existing ones, as they have let us know through a post. Despite the fact that the immensity of the maps and the enormous number of people in the game was one of the characteristics that DICE and EA pitched as groundbreaking in this title, they have recognized that enlarging the game area does not always equate to more fun.

The three major issues.

Battlefield 2042 maps

Despite the game’s numerous flaws, DICE has concentrated on three issues that make today’s gaming experience regretful. The distances to travel on these maps are one of the issues raised by the community.

“We understand your dissatisfaction with the amount of time it takes to travel between flags or from the base to the flag. The addition of 128 players, combined with some of the larger maps we’ve designed, has raised this issue. While the larger maps provide greater freedom and play space, they also stretch out the gameplay and lengthen the time it takes to fight.” Said the DICE team.

Players have described the experience as a walking simulator, and DICE acknowledges that travel takes too long. To fix this, the restart positions will be relocated to be closer to the flags.

The intensity of combat is the second issue. In modes like Breakthrough, the developer is considering lowering the number of players from 128 to 64 since they can be “extremely chaotic” at times.

Another prevalent issue will be addressed, namely that there are too many broad, open places within sniper range and long-range warfare. Making it a playground for snipers or ranged heavy artillery will result in a poor gameplay experience for close range assault classes.

These, as well as other factors, will have an impact on future maps. The team confirms that subsequent maps would be smaller in scale than the launch maps. Of course, implementing these modifications will take some time, and their impacts may not be visible on all maps at the same time.

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