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Giants Uprising coming to Steam Early Access this November

Giants Uprising Steam Early Access

Reclaim your freedom, discover what happened to your enslaved relatives, and destroy your foes in Giants Uprising.

Varsav Studios, a Polish developer, revealed today that their game, Giants Uprising, will go into Early Access for PC gamers on November 2. The game is a single-player action-adventure medieval fantasy title in which you play as a mighty Giant who escapes captivity to seek vengeance on the human species.

Reclaim your freedom and revenge your relatives

You function as both slave labor and a war machine. But now that you’ve fled, the time has come for you to pay! You travel to the oppressor’s towns with your fury and thirst for vengeance, accompanied by a human inmate who serves as your guide.

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Everything you come across will be smashed, destroyed, or massacred. People will be crushed by the force of your powerful blows. Dismantle communities, villages, and towns. Take vengeance on the self-centered human race for years of enslavement.

“We’re very proud to bring Giants Uprising to PC gamers,” said Lukasz Rosinski, CEO of Varsav Game Studio. “In our adventure, you play as a heroic giant trying to free your people from the tyranny of human slavery. We first announced Giants Uprising at Gamescom back in 2019 and we’re thrilled to reveal our brand new trailer at this year’s Gamescom.”

“Along with the new trailer is our announcement that Giants Uprising will be launching into Early Access on November 2. After three years in development, we are pleased to finally be launching the game into Early Access so players can experience more giant-sized mayhem,” he added.

Limited Early Access Edition

Giants Uprising‘s Limited Early Access Edition will be accessible just during the game’s early access phase, according to the Polish company. This special version contains a stress sheep, a “morning massacre” scented candle, a leather bracelet, coaster, t-shirt, and, of course, a code to play Giants Uprising.

If you’re interested, take advantage of this one-time-only edition of the game, which will only be available while the game is in early access. Giants Uprising will be available for PC through Steam Early Access on November 2, 2021.

Watch the Gamescom trailer down below!

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcN6RINH_L8&w=1280&h=721]