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Microids and Taito announce Arkanoid: Eternal Battle

The classic arcade brickbreaker Arkanoid will make its triumphant return to charm new players of the genre.

Adding to the news of new collaborations established by the French indie publisher Microids and the famed Japanese developer Taito, today they revealed that Pastagames, a French indie studio, is in charge of bringing back to life one of the most iconic arcade games, Arkanoid, with the upcoming Arkanoid: Eternal Battle.

A classic is back

Taito Corporation created the renowned arcade game Arkanoid in 1986. Thirty-five years after its release, the game has spawned other titles, including Arkanoid DS, Arkanoid Live for Xbox, Arkanoid Plus for Wii, and Arkanoid vs. Space Invaders.

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Arkanoid: Eternal Battle is a new version of the famous brick-breaker arcade game, which has faded over the years. But in 2022, players will find or get reintroduced again to this iconic brick-breaker franchise in modernized form.

A mix of classic and modern mechanics

This new edition will have iconic components from the franchise that will undoubtedly return, as well as new effects, bonuses, and features that will surprise seasoned gamers. Furthermore, the game will have solo and multiplayer modes, the specifics of which have yet to be revealed by the French publisher.

“We are very pleased that Microids, a company we trust, will be releasing a modern version of a popular title that Taito released 35 years ago. We’re confident that both old fans and new players will be very satisfied with the game,” said Masakazu Suzuki, Director and Executive Officer of Taito Corporation.

No information was shared regarding the title’s platforms. However, Microids has announced that the game will be available in 2022. Hopefully, in the coming months, the French developer will share more information about the return of this classic video game franchise.

Watch the announcement trailer down below!