Now you can use Team Fortress 2 avatars on your stream with Animaze

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Team Fortress 2 Animaze

If you’re a fan of Team Fortress 2 or simply don’t want people to know your face on the internet, the avatars of the Soldier, Heavy, Scout, Medic, and Pyro are now available with Animaze.

Every day on the internet, we get more comfortable exposing our faces through photographs and videos on social networks, just as we see new faces, face reveals, and old familiar faces on streaming sites such as Twitch or YouTube Gaming. To this day, there are many users who do not reveal their face because they do not have a camera, do not want to be identified, may be being pursued by the FBI, or just have a weird face.

Holotech Studios, Animaze’s development team, announced today that the famous four main characters from Team Fortress 2, Valve’s classic game that has been a favorite of millions of players over the years, are now free to use in Animaze, allowing you to create content without revealing your face.

Let Animaze avatars be your online image

Animaze is part of a broad ecosystem that includes vloggers, streamers, designers, artists, and business developers. The inclusion of Valve’s popular Team Fortress 2 characters (the Soldier, Heavy, Scout, Medic, and The Pyro) will provide hours of entertainment for streamers and gamers, allowing users to stream or produce content as their favorite avatars.

All Team Fortress 2 characters will be accessible for free to Animaze users on Steam and iOS. Plus, this is only the first batch of characters available. More will be added shortly.

Watch the Team Fortress 2 avatars trailer down below.