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Planet Zoo: Europe Pack arrives next week

Planet Zoo: Europe Pack

Snowfall is coming to Planet Zoo with the new Europe Pack DLC.

Frontier Developments is releasing a new DLC for Planet Zoo, the greatest zoo simulator available right now. The new Planet Zoo: Europe Pack transports you to a winter paradise filled with fresh creatures and landscapes from the European continent.

Beautiful animals from the old continent

The Alpine ibex with its distinctive huge horns is among the incredible animals that we can now have in our zoo thanks to this new Europe Pack. Other animals include the Eurasian lynx which lives in the snow, the European badger which lives in subway burrows, and the fire salamander whose vibrant yellow markings frighten predators but dazzle visitors. There is also the European fallow deer, easily identified by its chestnut fur.

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Planet Zoo: Europe Pack

Let it snow!

Furthermore, a plethora of snow-covered landscapes will give all zookeepers the ideal opportunity to convert their zoos into enthralling winter wonderlands just in time for the holiday season.

Players can delight their guests and get their creative juices flowing with a wide variety of décor, lighting, and foliage styles inspired by some of Europe’s most idyllic destinations, including France, Italy, Switzerland, and the Netherlands, with over 250 pieces of spectacular scenery.

Along with the pack, users will receive a base game update for free. Update 1.8 includes a variety of additions and improvements such as burrow digging, animal monuments, customized eateries, and more.

Planet Zoo: Europe Pack will be available on December 14, 2021. The game is available for PC via Steam.

Watch the announcement trailer down below!