Rocket League Season 3 races out today; NASCAR and F1 cars coming in May

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Rocket League Season 3

Let’s rev our cars to the max because Season 3 of Rocket League is coming in hot. The latest season is now live for all players.

As Psyonix is used to doing, this new Rocket League season brings a lot of new content for players. One of the biggest add-ons to the game is that we will race with two of the most significant race categories: NASCAR and Formula 1!

New Rocket Pass 

Although Season 3 launched today alongside a new Rocket Pass. Psyonix has included a new car, the Tyranno, with the Rocket Pass. The Tyranno looks very sleek, even though we are not used to that with Rocket League cars.

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Other add-ons to the Rocket Pass are:

  • Access to 70+ tiers of new items
  • XP boost
  • Extra weekly and season challenges

A new stadium is waiting for you

Another stadium is coming to the game. The DFH Stadium (Circuit) is going to celebrate the sight and sounds of a race day. Just like the theme of this latest season, this stadium will be themed with racing aesthetics. The DFH Stadium is available in the Ranked Rotation and Private Matches. So grab some friends and check out the new arena.

New Competitive Season and Tournament Rewards

Just like the previous seasons, we will once again have Competitive Ranks. Still, there are new rewards for you to get at the end of Season 3 and new Competitive Tournament Rewards. 

If you earned a Rank in Season 2, all of the Season 2 Competitive Rewards are now live to collect. So hit the gas and speed up to get them.

NASCAR and Formula 1 are coming in May

Season 3 is honoring the art of racing. What else could do that better than NASCAR and Formula 1?

Both categories are coming to the game with their bundles later in Season 3. The development team announced an expected May 2021 release, but we don’t have a specific date at this point. We will be on the lookout for more info as we get closer to next month. You can subscribe to our daily newsletter to stay in the loop.

Rocket League is a free-to-play game on PC via Epic Games Store, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

Watch the Season 3 Rocket Pass trailer below!