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Sega reveals Game Gear Micro

Sega Game Gear Micro

Following similar concepts with retro consoles, Sega is re-releasing its classic Game Gear handheld in miniature form.

The new system is planned for a launch in Japan first and will retail for the equivalent of about $45. A release date and price have not been confirmed for the US or Europe. It follows last year’s release of the Sega Genesis Mini.

We’re told that the Game Gear Micro will come in four different color options. You can choose between black, blue, red, and yellow. The original Game Gear, of course, was black. So, personally, that will be the color style that I go with once it comes out.

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We don’t know some important details like the delivery method of the games or whether there will be options to buy more. But with an attractive price and design, it could prove to be popular with retro enthusiasts. More is supposed to be revealed on June 3, which is Sega’s 60th anniversary.

Do you plan on picking up a Game Gear Micro? Let us know below!