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Skater XL confirmed for PS4 and Xbox One

Skater XL

The Steam Early Access skateboarding game Skater XL is getting released on PS4 and Xbox One.

Developer Easy Day Studios confirmed the planned console release today. It was already previously announced for the Nintendo Switch. The full release should come out around the same time on all four platforms, including a full Steam launch.

Easy Day Studios claims that Skater XL is “the first-ever skateboarding title to give direct control of the feet and board at all times rather than canned trick animations.” They say that this unlocks the creative potential of players with sandbox-style gameplay.

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“Create, combine, and style tricks as you hit iconic California locations where street legends have left their mark. Dive into the digital skate subculture with skate spots based on iconic real locations from the West Coast,” the developers add.

As we reported last month, the latest Skater XL update was released last month for Steam Early Access users. It adds a new level of control for players and “numerous” gameplay improvements.