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Smite Pro League Season 8 starts tomorrow

Smite Pro League

If you follow esports, you’ll want to know that Smite Pro League Season 8 begins tomorrow. The new season comes with major structural changes.

Every year, the SPL is where the most talented players in the world bring Titan Forge’s action-MOBA to its greatest heights as an esport. But Season 8 is different than last season in significant ways.

What’s new in Season 8?

All teams are now owned and operated by Hi-Rez Studios. In addition to increasing guaranteed player salaries, Hi-Rez is transitioning to a new revenue-sharing model that offers players 100% of profits from team merchandise sold.

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According to Hi-Rez, teams will have all-new names and branding. Player and coach salaries will be standardized and will “increase significantly” from the base salary requirements in Season 7. Teams and players will have the opportunity to secure their own sponsorships as well.

As was previously announced, Season 8 features an all-new evolving Babylonian pantheon Conquest map, new Gods, new battle passes, and new collaborations. Gilgamesh just went live this week as part of the “King of Uruk” update.

Season 7 Recap

Smite Pro League Season 7 ended with Ghost Gaming, Radiance, Pittsburgh Knights, Radiance, Renegades, and Sanguine Esports duking it out in the Smite World Championship. If you haven’t seen it, we’ll avoid spoiling the finals, which you can watch below.